Tower 23 Wedding

Mike + Colleen

The clear sky, Tower 23 Hotel, the beautiful beach, and one of the most beautiful churches in San Diego – somehow, all these still couldn’t compare to the magnificent aura radiating from Mike and Colleen as I took their pictures under the Crystal Pier at the Pacific Beach. The way they looked at each other definitely made you experience the life and love that they now and forevermore will share. And, from where I stood behind the lens, I knew it was going to be a splendid journey. It was my favorite Tower 23 wedding ever!

The Immaculata Church is one of the most beautiful churches in San Diego, a fine choice for a couple who evidently shares a similar level of passion, adoration, and excitement for the future that they will be sharing from this point forward.

The Tower 23 hotel was unique and laidback, serving as a great background for a reception that’s truly one of a kind. From the wooden arch with burlap and flowers, all the way to the popcorn and the fun games for the guests, you can definitely tell that this couple did not settle for the boring and ordinary. The couple showed an equal yearning for making life even more interesting than it already is, and as their friends and family delivered one inspiring speech after another, you can tell that the way Mike and Colleen shared their love was infectious.

This entire scene was nicely complimented by the live music delivered by the guitarist, completing a nice selection of eclectic choices that mixes the rustic and the contemporary in this memorable occasion.

Of course, in the background, I stood as a silent witness to all this, as I made my own contribution to the couple’s journey ahead by capturing the magic in each moment of this Tower 23 wedding, pose by pose, smile by smile, frame by frame.

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