San Diego Wedding Videographer

Russel John Films

Being a San Diego wedding photographer for so many years now has given me the opportunity to collaborate with different event service providers. There are some aspects of a wedding and a reception that can be optional. But others that are a must-have. One of these important features is a wedding film, which is basically a documentation or a movie-like video of the couple’s special day. It’s one of the best, tangible memories couples can share to their loved ones as years go by. When it comes to San Diego wedding videographer, I highly recommend Russel John Films.

Founded by Russel John and Brandon Murphy, Russel John Films is a combination of film, documentary, and MV that tell the story of the couple’s big day. These distinguished, talented men are friends of mine who I’ve worked with in the past. Russel is the lead San Diego videographer and editor of the company. Brandon is the client relations manager. The two men play to their strengths, making it easy for the couple and other wedding vendors to work with them. 

Russel John Films is based in San Diego and employs a crew of talented, dedicated and hard-working professionals. Couples who wish to have an impressive visual representation of their wedding day can rely on Russel John Films to do the work – and do it well. The company specializes in every aspect of film-making: conceptualization of the movie/documentary, script development, directing on-and-off the big day, cinematography and editing using footages shot by the crew and other wedding service providers like a San Diego wedding photographer like me.

One of the great things about Russel John Films is the high-end quality of their work regardless of the couple’s budget. So even those who prefer a simple wedding can enjoy a fantastic documentary about their love story.

For more information about Russel John Films, check their website.