San Diego Wedding Catering

Curiocity Catering

Let’s face it. A lot of wedding guests aren’t just excited about how beautiful the bride is. They don’t just look forward to the way the venue was styled. They are most likely excited about the food as well. This is why it’s never a waste to go for the best San Diego wedding catering services you can find. And Curiocity Catering is definitely one of the best.

The last time I worked with them was in Rancho Buena Vista Adobe. It was amazing! They added a great touch to the wedding, since their food truck serving as an interesting element to the event.

It’s not just their truck that’s unique. Their menu is unique, and in a completely delectable way. All-natural beef sliders, lamb lollipops, Jidori chicken tacos, strawberry salad – these are just some of the amazing creations that the Curiocity team has to offer.

What makes all this even better is the fact that all the food is prepared onsite. Their truck pulls up, the food is made, and the food is served straight to the guests. That’s 100% freshness, something that makes the food taste even better.

Incredible, you say? That’s not even the whole story yet. Did you know that Curiocity uses mostly locally grown ingredients? Their support to the local folks makes them even more enticing as a team. They also make sure that everyone is well-fed, guests and vendors alike.

Curiocity has definitely taken catering up a notch with their perfect balance of amazing service and amazing food. It’s perfect for your wedding if you want something unique. Their own unique twist to the food they serve will be talked about among your guests for a pretty long time. I’m sure that’s something that you would want from your chosen San Diego wedding catering service on your special day.

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