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I may be in San Diego, but the rest of the world remains my playground. It’s the perfect combination, my passion for photography and love for travel. It allows me to create something beautiful for couples on their wedding day. This is why being a destination wedding photographer is a dream come true for me.

I’ve seen couples planning for their destination weddings before. I see it as a fascinating process. Just think about the search for a unique location or a suitable venue. Then you have to think about accommodations for family and friends. You’ll plan for the transportation and other additional details, too. It can be exhausting! And these do not even include the worries and woes of day of the wedding itself!

But that’s one of the reasons why I love being a destination wedding photographer. There’s something exciting about the entire planning process. It thrills me even more to see the outcome, while it always leads to a magical event. It doesn’t matter how many stumbling blocks were encountered along the way.

This is another thing I love about being a destination wedding photographer. After seeing all the hard work couples put in, I get to do my own brand of magic. It’s not just about witnessing what all the planning amounts to. It’s cementing every moment into beautiful images. These remind the couples how breathtaking the actual experience was. Even families and friends can relive these moments years from now.

As a destination wedding photographer, I’m the vendor that people spend the most time with. It all comes down to making a genuine connection. I put everyone at ease in an instant, something that comes naturally to me. This allows me to take photos that capture natural and genuine emotions. Every smile, every happy tear, every laugh can be frozen into a single frame. These connections, for me, are amazing gifts.

I have traveled around the world a lot not only for weddings, but for surf photography as well. I have done wedding shoots all over, from New York and Washington, all the way to California. I have even done shoots in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

This is what makes being a destination wedding photographer even more meaningful to me. It has allowed me to master how to adjust to different surroundings. Every location is different. Every place brings something new. This taught me so many helpful skills as I travel more. Now, I can sniff out the best approach and angles to use in every unique scenario.

As a destination wedding photographer, I aim to provide a stress-free experience. I know how important this day is for couples. The fact that they chose a great destination means they want this to be flawless.

This is why I prefer being onsite a day or two before the actual wedding day. I see to it that I familiarize myself with the venue. It’s all part of my process as a destination wedding photographer. I find spots that will provide amazing backdrops in every magical shot. Every couple deserves those perfect shots. That’s what all this preparation is for. It allows me to make the entire experience truly seamless not just for the couple, but for the guests as well.

The extra time given is also the perfect opportunity for me to mingle with the guests. I love meeting all these different people! I love it even better when they warm up to me. It allows me to deliver a brand of authenticity in the pictures I shoot. There are no forced smiles or fake laughter. I love it when people are relaxed and comfortable the moment I start shooting. It’s the only way I can take once-in-a-lifetime priceless shots.

More magic happens the moment a destination wedding is over. The exchange of vows is done. The food is eaten and the wine consumed. The dance floor is beaten down. That’s when I start putting all the best shots together.

It’s another important step in what I do as a destination wedding photographer. I make sure the delivery of the final product is just as mesmerizing as the actual event. I have learned a long time ago that beauty and convenience is the perfect mix in delivering the end results.

This is why I deliver all the photos through a beautiful personal website. This allows guests to download their pictures in a single click. I also made the print order process seamless and simple. For me, it’s not just about taking excellent pictures. It also makes me happy, seeing how I can help make everything easier all the way until the end.

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Client Testimonials

Most of us hope that our work speaks for itself and often have difficulty with self-promotion, even when it’s simply stating personal facts for our business.  To relieve this stress, I find it helpful to honestly relay what the people I’ve worked have to say.  I’m eternally grateful to do what I love for a living and truly humbled to receive the praise of my clients.

Wedding Galleries

Please enjoy a few of my favorite wedding images from some of the wonderful couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. A combination of all types of locations and settings, these photographs are samples are from weddings in San Diego, as well as Destination weddings in the United States and around the world.

Destination Weddings

I’ve traveled and photographed personally and professionally all over the world.  Being multi-lingual, a seasoned traveler and an experienced wedding photographer offers security and piece of mind to my destination wedding clients that whatever minor travel issues occur, the photography will be there on their special day.

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