Amin & Jennifer on a Desert Engagement Session

“Live a great story.” This is something that stuck with me during a very extraordinary desert engagement session I had with Amin and Jennifer. It was a saying posted at one of our location shoots. It resonated so well with what we were doing at that time that I just knew it was meant for the lovely couple. 

You’d know it’s great when you can create something wonderful out of obstacles and mishaps. Amin and Jennifer’s engagement story had its own brand of greatness for a variety of reasons. First, we started off with the Bombay Beach engagement session. Not the most popular place for a romantic shoot, yes. But it was something very unique. And that’s what made it extraordinary for the couple. 

Our olfactory senses were tested to the fullest, so as our tolerance for insects flying out of nowhere, but it can’t be denied that Bombay Beach gave us a one-of-a-kind location with great backgrounds. And boy, did we use them well! We explored the place for the best part of the day, using the graffiti on the wall and even the wreckage of an old building as backdrops. It was fun for me, but more so for the soon-to-be newlyweds. 

Later that day, we had our California Desert engagement session. We drove to Glamis Desert and just marveled at the fine, golden sand. If Bombay Beach was extraordinary, our Glamis engagement session propelled the extraordinary to another level. It was beyond extra, it was unbelievably special. 

A picturesque sunset in the background added a whiff of romance and fantasy to the place. With the sand dunes as a golden, majestic backdrop, Amir in a three-piece suit and Jennifer in a lovely gown did what they do best. They showed their love for each other, with every touch, every smile, and every kiss. But this time caught on cam.

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couple on desert engagement session after sunset
couple at Bombay Beach for desert engagement session
couple posing at ruins of Bombay Beach
run down house and couple at Bombay Beach
couple t abandoned business at Bombay beach for desert engagement session
couple on top of old RV at Bombay Beach
bride and groom to be sitting on abandoned chair
bride and groom to be at abandoned property at desert engagement session
live a great story sticker at desert engagement session
couple at desert engagement session walking pin dunes at Glamis
bride and groom to be at sunset desert engagement sessional Glamis

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