Balboa Park Family Photography With The Brizuelas

I was searching for the perfect location to the Brizuela’s family shoot. After considering some other spots, they chose the Balboa Park, and I suggested the tree. The area, right outside the park, is my favorite Balboa Park family photography spot. It’s a spot I frequently use for wedding photography, but it work fine for any session.

It was a tricky session, because it was a large group with children of different age. We had two parents, one teenager, one four-year-old, and a five months old baby! It was a beautiful day, and I was ready for this challenge.

We started the session at the Centro Cultural de la Raza. The murals outside provide a great background for photos, due to the vibrant art it displays. The family warmed up quick, so magic happened fast! Everyone was up to the task, and even the young ones collaborated.

We finally moved to our main location: the Park. The sun was setting in the background, as the trees filtered it. We certainly got going quick again, due to the perfect lighting. I hit my usual locations, and like almost every time, each and everyone of them worked out just great. Although each family is different ia a way, most Balboa Park family photography sessions I do in Balboa Park, is in this location.

I made sure to get subgroups of the family, in order to make sure the kids didn’t burn out. While the baby seemed to enjoy the time at this Balboa Park Family photography session, the four-year-old was ready to do something else. In the end, due to the good dynamics we created, everything worked just fine.

As always, I had a great time photographing this session, and meeting the Brizuela family. Above all, I was really happy to be a part of their Balboa Park family photography session.

family of five in Balboa Park family photography session
artistic shot family under tree at Balboa Park
family of five walking at the park on grass
Balboa Park family photography sitting on grass
family of five against colorful wall
Spanish painted wall for Balboa Park family photography
fun photo of family hanging out at the park for xBalboa Park family photography
mather and father photo at Balboa Park
toddler having a good time at Balboa Park family photography
blue eyed baby with yellow shirt close up at Balboa Park family photography
dad holding baby close up at Balboa Park family photography

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