Brandon & Melissa’s La Jolla Photo Booth

If you’ve come across a La Jolla Photo Booth before, then you know how fun it can be. It’s even better if you have a lot of creative ideas. That’s exactly what made the photo booth at Brandon and Melissa’s wedding a huge success.

It was actually Melissa who had so many ideas! She was quite familiar with the concept of how a photo booth works. The fact that the venue was perfect and the guests were up for anything made it all even better.

The couple wanted the library to be the backdrop. Yup, it was definitely a unique idea. But it turned out so well! Even better was the fact that everyone used the bookcase not only as a background, but as a huge prop as well. It helped out in making a lot of the shots interactive and full of life.

There was so much movement all throughout. Everybody was just dancing and having fun. What really brought this La Jolla Photo Booth together was the music. It was sort of a techno mix. It started out slowly, then the beat picks up and reels you in. It made it impossible for anyone to resist the urge to dance! 

Everybody couldn’t get enough of the photo booth, and almost a thousand pictures were taken all in all. Both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were game! They did everything from wacky poses to straightforward ones. Everyone was just brimming with excitement. They grabbed everything from bottles of beer to books from the shelves to make things even more interesting.

After witnessing the fun, I realized it wasn’t the props or the backdrop that made it all work out. It was all the people that joined in, frame after frame. That’s the secret juice to a highly successful La Jolla Photo Booth. It’s the genuine happiness you can see in everyone in those shots.

Brandon and Melissa’s wedding blog post is up as well, don’t miss it! Also, you can check out their awesomeSan Diego engagement session.

Vendors that worked on this wedding with me:

Coordination and design: Events by Jackie Fuhrman

Catering: California Cousine

Flowers: Art & Design by Rebecca Eichten

Desserts: Sweet as Bliss 

Rentals: Event Party Rentals

bride and groom at their La Jolla Photo Booth at Darlington House
group of friends at La Jolla Photo Booth with library background
wedding guest flexing at Darlington House photo booth
bride and groom close up at La Jolla Photo Booth at The Darlington House
bridal party at The Darlington House wedding
fun La Jolla Photo Booth wedding guests having a good time
group of friends posing for La Jolla Photo Booth at The Darlington House
friends having a good time at wedding at La Jolla Photo Booth
wedding guests pretending to be reading a book at La Jolla Photo Booth
girls having a laugh at Darlington House library photo booth

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