Brett & Laura at Mt Woodson Wedding

If you’re after a unique San Diego wedding, a Mt Woodson wedding would probably top the charts. It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of! This is probably what Brett and Laura were thinking when they decided to get married at Mt. Woodson Castle

The castle was built in the early 1900’s. All 12,000 square feet of the structure have probably had its fair share of intriguing and amazing stories. But for the day, its halls and walls will bear witness to the love shared between this amazing couple. 

Both the bride and the groom had their friends with them as they got ready for the day. The men, most especially, had so much fun. Brett was a music teacher who had an insane sense of humor. He gave each of his buddies a pair of socks with pugs all over them. They were obviously having a blast.

The ceremony was held in the gardens. If you think their chosen venue for this Mt Woodson wedding was already unique, you should have seen their entourage. They actually chose their grandmothers to become their flower girls! They spread rose petals across the aisle, paving the way for the beautiful bride.

There was a golf course next door, so it was easy enough to grab a golf cart to drive around the grounds. We had already chosen a few spots when we visited the venue a couple of weeks earlier. We also saw some wooden bridges and unique trees. They proved to be great backdrops for a few other shots.

I got them back to the venue in time for cocktail hour. The reception was held outdoors, and it was breathtakingly gorgeous! There were a few speeches from family and friends before dinner. You can tell by the way the couple looked that they were enjoying every minute of it.

The couple had their first dance inside the castle, and it was just magical. Of course, there were a few light moments, too. The cake cutting was especially memorable. They slammed cakes into each other’s faces, then they burst out laughing before exchanging a sweet kiss. 

Before the evening ended, we took a few more shots in the vintage car they rented. It was the perfect way to cap off this unique Mt Woodson wedding.

bride and groom inside vintage car at Mt. Woodson wedding
bridesmaid helping bride with dress before Mt. Woodson wedding ceremony
bride's bouquet detail at wedding
grandmothers as flower girls at Mt. Woodson wedding ceremony
Mt. Woodson wedding ceremony with Castle on background
bride and groom newly weds exiting Mt. Woodson wedding ceremony
couple's creative portraits bride and groom and large rock
Mt. Woodson wedding reception after dark
couple's first dance at Mt. Woodson wedding indoor reception
guests dancing at Mt. Woodson wedding dance floor
bride and groom dancing at wedding reception in Ramona

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