California Photographer at Yosemite National Park

Sometimes, when I go to a place that really impresses me, I like to share that at my blog. This past month, I had the pleasure to visit one of the most incredible places on earth: Yosemite National Park. As a California photographer, I rarely ever get mesmerized by nature, but this time I must say, my jaw was dropping to the ground at every curve of the way.

I took this trip with my eleven year old chocolate labrador and my wife, Priscilla. They are my favorite travel companion, and always up for a road trip. We have had plans to visit Yosemite for a long time, but we were always drawn to the beach instead. This year we decided to start visiting some of the National Parks in California. We started with Sequoia National Park, a few months ago, and now it was time to see what everyone always talked about: Yosemite. 

The first day was a little rainy, but we wouldn’t let something like that stop us. We jumped in the car early in the morning, grabbed a map, and started to explore. We drove around for just a few miles, before we spotted the famous “Tunnel View”. It was one of the most incredible sites I have ever seen in my life. It was early in the morning and the light was just not quite right. I took a photo, and we kept going.

We went on to see some of the most incredible waterfalls I have ever seen. It was the end of a very wet winter, so the waterfalls were full of water and snow. A site to make any California photographer very satisfied. 

Late afternoon that day, we went back to the “Tunnel View”, and this time, the rain had just stopped, and the sun was hitting the mountains perfectly. We were happy we took the chance to drive back there. And I left with one of my most memorable photographs in my career of California photographer. 

Although it’s not what I usually do, photographing landscapes is very gratifying. Somehow, it gives me a similar feeling as when I’m photographing surfing. If you would like to see what I do best, please check out my wedding and engagement session galleries.

Yosemite Park bt California photographer tunnel view
waterfall at Yosemite National Park by California photographer
Yosemite tunnel view with some clouds
waterfall at Yosemite National Park by California photographer
close waterfall at Yosemite National Park
cloudy waterfall on California Park
girl and dog walking on Yosemite National Park trail for California photographer
girl and dog posing for California photographer  at Yosemite
girl and dog posing for California photographer  at Yosemite National Park
artistic shot by California photographer  of Yosemite El Capitan
trees and sun by California photographer  at Yosemite National Park

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