Carlsbad Engagement Session with Tristan & Kimberly

There’s nothing more exciting than the start of something new. That’s why I love capturing engagement shots of couples in love. specially in a place like Carlsbad and Solana Beach! As much as the wedding is the “main event,” the engagement – the prelude to everything else – is something special. I’ve been privileged to capture moments of love and happiness of so many couples now, and I’m still in awe of how two people find each other, commit to one another, and fulfill their kind of forever. That’s what I witnessed from the beginning to end, in this Carlsbad engagement session. 

For Tristan and Kimberly, their prelude to forever started with their Carlsbad engagement session. This amazingly warm and happy couple chose to go for a more casual and comfy session. Something that they will both be comfortable with. And frame after frame, it showed. The harmony of their relationship was reflected on each photo I took.

We started the shoot at Casa de Bandini, a vibrant, festive Mexican restaurant in Carlsbad. The vibrancy of the place added a touch of color and charm to the already-happy couple. Tristan and Kimberly had some delectable classic Mexican cuisine, and then sat at the bar and grabbed a couple of drinks. A casual yet still intimate toast for their love and future together.

After some time, the couple went for a long walk on the Solana beach trails prompting the start of our delightful Solana Beach engagement session. Every once in a while, the two would just gaze lovingly at each other, give tight hugs, and kiss – even without a prompt from yours truly. These were just natural gestures that you’d see from two people in love and enjoying the moment.

The Carlsbad engagement session for Tristan and Kimberly concluded at the Grandview Beach, in Encinitas, for some amazing shots just before the sunset.

The engagement shoot ended, and the start to their forever began this October when Tristan and Kimberly tied the knot at a private property in San Diego.

couple at Casa de Bandini restaurant for Carlsbad engagement session
couple reading the menu at Mexican restaurant for Carlsbad engagement session
close up couple and menu at Casa de Bandini restaurant
waiter pouring beer for couple at mexican restaurant for Carlsbad engagement session
rustic couple kissing at Solana Trails
couple under dead tree for Carlsbad engagement session
casual walk couple on rustic trail Solana Beach
couple kissing while casual walk on Solana Trails
bride and groom to be walking casually at the beach for Carlsbad engagement session
couple kissing at shoreline at beach
artistic crop couple holding hands and walking away at Carlsbad engagement session
bride and groom to be close up at beach during sunset
bride and groom to be at beach during sunset at Carlsbad engagement session romantic
couple at beach during Carlsbad engagement session  kissing
couple kissing at cliff at Carlsbad beach

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