Carlsbad Photography with The Handerson Family

It’s always awesome to explore my own city during family portrait sessions. And, the Hendersonsgave me a good reason to do so during their Carlsbad photography session.

They contacted me requesting information about a family portrait session, but they had a special request. They were all only going to be together for one Sunday morning. And the Carlsbad photography session had to happen then.

I’m always ready to accommodate my clients necessities, so it was no problem for me. I was up and ready to go on the Sunday morning, and we schedule it for 8 am. After looking into many ideas I sent them, the Hendersons were set on a place I was not familiar: The Hosp Grove park.

I took the time to drive to the park, and check the location prior to the shoot day. It was a little tricky due to some characteristics of the park, but I could definitely make it work.

I don’t limit the number of family members for family portrait sessions. But, this Carlsbad photography session was the largest family I’ve ever worked with. They needed multiple cars to get to the park, so we started with the part that was ready. As family arrived and got ready, we added them to the bunch. Everyone was having a great time, and the session went as smoothly as I could hope.

My favorite part, was when I photographed all the children together, on a log. For the smaller ones, I had their dads hold their backs up, for safety as well as looks. It got us all laughing, and it was a good break from all the logistics we were having to think about. 

After some planning, we were able to accomplish everything we wanted. For large family groups, it’s important to divide them in smaller groups as well

On the link below, you can see some valid tips for family portrait sessions.

Family Portrait Session Tips

cousins having a good time at Carlsbad photography session
parents and three kids sitting in log at park at Carlsbad photography session
three generation family at The Hosp Grove Park
parents and their kids at Hosp Grove Park for Carlsbad photography session
close up baby hugging happy mom at Carlsbad photography session
parents and baby portrait at Hosp Grove Park
casual walk parents with children at Carlsbad photography session
children and parents holding hands at Hosp Grove Park in Carlsbad
all kids having fun sitting on a log at park
Carlsbad photography session kids portraits

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