Domenic & Melinda’s Engagement Party

I met Melinda a few years ago while shooting her cousin’s wedding. I was very pleased when she contacted me, years later, interested in my photography for her engagement party.

knowing Melinda’s family, I knew it was going to be a big party. I just didn’t know it was going to be so fun.

The party happened at Marina Village, San Diego. It’s a place I really enjoy working, and know really well. When making the plans with Melinda, I made sure to ask for some time alone with the couple before the events started, I wanted to make sure we got some cool portraits before the lighting went down.

Melinda and Domenic have a really great style. I knew they were going to be very sharp for their engagement party. The portrait session was a success, and I gladly took them back to start the events.

They entered the ballroom at Marina Village, and it was the most fun grand entrance I have ever witnessed. Their family and friends cheered them as they entered, and the party started.  Due to Melinda’s Chaldean backgrounds, big wedding and engagement parties are expected. But, even for them, it was a very lively party.

They went straight to a Champagne toast, followed by some cake cutting. I did my best to follow the couple, and capture the moment. They seemed extremely pleased to the fact that most of their family and friends were present, and in fact, enjoying every minute.

The dance floor was never empty after the couple’s grand entrance. The DJ alternated from American hits, to traditional Chaldean songs, and everyone seemed to love it. It was definitely an engagement party I will never forget.

In addition to the dancing, I had one of my Photo Booths running almost the entire time. The result was really positive, and the background Melissa created really gave it a nice touch.

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couple entering engagement party dancing with family and friends
close up couple at Marina Village for engagement party
bride and groom kissing thru flowers at Marina Village
groom kissing bride's forehead with sun and boats in the background
Marina Village engagement party decoration desert table
bride and groom to be grand entrance at Marina Village engagement party
couple celebrating engagement party with family and friends on dance floor
couple dancing together at engagement party at Marina Village
couple's first dance at celebration in San Diego
groom dancing with friend at Marina Village at engagement party
guys dancing at party in San Diego

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