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by | Mar 30, 2017

There‘s always an overwhelming wave of emotions setting in each time a family starts to grow. This is probably why I enjoy offering my family photographer San Diego services. It’s not just the thought of passing your name to somebody else. or having someone to continue your family legacy, either. It’s also about knowing that you are now responsible for somebody else. Every single decision you make can have a deep impact on their future. With each frame I shoot, I see those emotions through my clients’ eyes. The thought of bearing witness to such overflowing love and hope is overwhelming. This is exactly how I felt when took photos of Filipe and Ananda.

Filipe is an up-and-coming surf star. Talent surely is in their blood. After all, his dad was national champion in Brazil countless times. I have had the honor of being Filipe’s surf photographer in the past. It brings me joy that this time, I get to witness a different side of him. Indeed, he shows ferocity and passion when he surfs through the waves. But this is nothing compared to the passion in his eyes when he looks at his radiant wife, Ananda. Ananda was nine months pregnant at the time of the shoot. However, it wasn’t that obvious with her atypically small tummy. You can just see anticipation and excitement in her eyes each time she held her belly. The fact that she has done a lot of modeling work also made the process easier. It was impossible to find a single shot where she didn’t look good.

The forces of nature conspired to give this family a glorious shoot that day. It was cloudy, balancing the natural light and the soft sparkle of the water. It was the perfect day to take shots around the beach and underneath the San Clemente Pier.These are the moments that I, through my family photographer San Diego service, live for. The way Filipe looked at Ananda was heartwarming. Her quiet strength really shone through. She remained graceful and beautiful with the new life she carried in her womb.Just a few days after the shoot, Ananda gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, who they named Mahina. That’s when I realized one thing. Moments like these make my family photographer San Diego services even more worthwhile.

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