Filipe & Aline’s San Diego Maternity Photographer

I love being a San Diego maternity photographer. It allows me to become part of something so precious and amazing, it fills up my heart. This is even truer when I do it for friends. And this time, I did it for two people I consider as dear friends – Filipe and Aline.

The couple moved to San Diego a few years ago. Filipe is an avid surfer, and we’ve caught a few waves together in the past. His forte, however, is designing and shaping surfboards, with his specialization being longboards and classic surfboards in general. Take a peek at surfboard stores around San Diego and you’ll see a lot of his creations there. Even the pros trust his creations. In fact, some of the best longboard athletes in the world use his surfboards to compete.

His works of art are so great, I never used the one he gave me. It was a beautiful vintage surfboard that he shaped himself. It stays in my living room as a piece of décor and a reminder of our friendship.

Amidst Filipe’s passion for surfing is his happiness in the company of Aline. She was far along when we had the shoot. But despite the huge belly, she managed to stay lovely in every pose. 

We walked along the Solana Trails for the session. There are a few spots along the trail that I’ve marked as my favorites each time I perform my duties as a San Diego maternity photographer. They set the perfect background for Filipe, Aline and the life they’ve created inside her belly.

It was a long but fun walk with the two of them. The forces of nature were on our side, giving us the perfect weather for the shoot. It ended in a typical San Diego sunset. It was completely breathtaking.

Weeks after the shoot, Aline gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Alyssa. Now, each time I look at these pictures I took, I smile. Being their San Diego maternity photographer showed me what a glorious wonder life truly is.

couple posing for San Diego maternity photographer at Solana Beach Trails
couple at Solana Beach Trails posing for San Diego maternity photographer
mother to be sitting on a rustic log looking at belly
close up of belly of mother to be
husband and wife walking on trail posing for San Diego maternity photographer
husband and wife expecting a baby walking on trail
man looking at woman's belly while she is expecting a baby
couple back to back posing for San Diego maternity photographer
couple under tree posing for San Diego maternity photographer
couple contemplating belly during sunset at trail
couple kissing while walking on rustic trail for San Diego maternity photographer

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