San Diego Photo Booth for Carlos & Erica

Visit any San Diego photo booth and you’ll understand why every wedding needs one. It’s one of those things that make weddings more unique and memorable. It’s also the perfect way to get everyone to just let loose, enjoy the party and get wild.

Now, Carlos and Erica’s wedding was the perfect event to have a photo booth. For one thing, the wedding was set at Karl Strauss, one of my favorite venues in the world. I’m also one of Karl Strauss’s preferred vendors. This means that I know the layout pretty well. I’m always comfortable doing photo booths and wedding shoots here.

Another thing that made a San Diego photo booth perfect for Carlos and Erica’s Karl Strauss wedding are the people. It was such a fun group! They had a few people in the party who are part of a dance group. So you can imagine how excited they were to see how they can groove and do the photo booth at the same time.

The props were a huge help, of course. The large sunglasses proved to be a crowd favorite. The photo booth really made Carlos and Erica’s wedding even more special. It wasn’t a mere attraction people would talk about. It was a great way to get everybody to show how much fun they had in a non-conventional way.

You see how those guests went all out posing on those shots? You can tell that everybody agrees what a great thing photo booths are for any event like this. I always have a photo booth operator onsite all the time. With all the experience they have, they know how to get everyone to participate in the photo booth. And we all know what that means. More people means bigger fun when it comes to any San Diego photo booth!   

father holding daughter for San Diego photo booth picture
couple with props having fun at San Diego photo booth at Karl Strauss Brewery
family with funny props having fun at photo booth at Karl Strauss Brewery
couple dancing at their San Diego photo booth on their wedding at Karl Strauss Brewery
couple having fun at wedding photo booth in San Diego
couple with props having a good time at San Diego photo booth at wedding
funny picture of couple dancing on wedding photo booth at Karl Strauss Brewery
fun couple trying the props on the San Diego photo booth at wedding
pirate props for San Diego photo booth at wedding reception at Karl Strauss
family with baby at Karl Strauss Brewery in a San Diego photo booth picture

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