Surf Engagement Session with Zach & Giovanna

Zach and Giovanna’s lives revolve around the ocean. They are both avid surfers, and Zach is a boat captain. So, one of the first things they said when we met, was that they wanted to have a surf engagement session. Of course, I could not be happier with this idea.

The day we schedule the shoot was gorgeous, without one cloud in the sky. For this surf engagement session, I made sure to borrow some of the amazing props from Hage Surfboards. 

Before heading to the beach, we decided to grab some ice creams at their favorite place: Hendel’s Home Made Ice Cream, in Encinitas. ‘They had tons of fun while eating the best ice cream in San Diego. I can’t think o a better start for the day.

After the sun went down a little, we headed to Cardiff State Beach, also in Encinitas, for the last – and most important – part of this surf engagement session. We got the boards, and went to the water! 

We warmed up with a few shots of the couple interaction on the sand. Right away I knew the surfboards we chose were perfect for this surf engagement session. After that, we headed into the ocean, for some more romantic photos of the couple. Zach and Giovanna were amazing, and endured the cold water with a big smile on their faces. For me, it was much easier: since I don’t have to look good, I could wear a wetsuit. 

The sun went down, and it was a perfect sunset. The weather is an important factor for a surf engagement session, and I was happy we scored a nice day. The couple got dressed, and warmed each other. 

I always recommended my clients try to have as much fun as possible on their engagement session, Zach and Giovanna did that easily, and it shows on this surf engagement session photos.

I can’t wait for Zach and Giovanna’s Scripps Seaside Forum wedding!

couple leaving the ocean with boards for surf engagement session in San Diego
bride and groom to be eating ice cream during San Diego engagement portrait session
couple at ice cream shop in San Diego during engagement photo session
san diego couple eating ice cream in Encinitas
bride and groom to be at San Diego beach looking at each other with surfboard
bride and groom to be kissing at surf engagement session with board on heads
couple kissing while entering the ocean for surf engagement session
couple holding hands on their way to surf in San Diego beach engagement photo session
bride and groom to be holding surfboard together during surf engagement photo session
bride and groom other way to surfing in San Diego beach
bride and groom to be sitting on surfboard for surf engagement session in San Diego
couple carrying board for surf engagement session in San Diego beach
surf engagement session couple close up during sunset at beach in San Diego
surf engagement session couple walking on the beach in San Diego
bride and groom to be post surf engagement session having fun and a romantic time at the beach
romantic moment couple at San Diego beach at sunset after surf engagement session

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