Tim & Jessica’s Balboa Park Engagement Photos

This October Tim, and Jessica will take their vows in Mt. Woodson Castle. I’m excited for their wedding since this beautiful venue is a historical landmark in San Diego. For the first part of their engagement session, Tim and Jessica chose Balboa Park. The lovely atmosphere was perfect for their Balboa Park engagement photos.

Although there were a few people around, the backdrop made the Balboa Park engagement photos seem like a secluded getaway.

The couple made a stop at their home in Point Loma for an outfit change after their engagement photos. They also took Darryl, their dog with them to complete their lovely family.

The beautiful San Diego weather drew the perfect setting for a beer. We stopped by one of the local pet-friendly breweries in Ocean Beach. On that warm summer day, the pair had drinks, which were a good match with the festive mood.

After that, Tim and Jessica couldn’t resist taking their pet for a walk. Then, we went to see the famous graffiti wall. The artist drew rock stars with the words “Ocean Beach” written on the mural. The air of the seaside made the couple feel right at home and perfectly connected to the place.

As the sun was about to set, we headed to Sunset Cliffs. It’s a beautiful and familiar place where James and Jessica have a special affinity with. They stood together at the edge of the cliff, watching the sunset. The view was majestic, and a beautiful photograph of the two of them made it more memorable.

The afternoon proved to be wonderful for the four of us. I am confident it would be the same joyful mood for their wedding. I feel fortunate to be part of their engagement session and their upcoming wedding.

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couple at ocean beach for Balboa Park engagement photos
couple dancing at Balboa Park engagement photos under large tree
couple walking casually at Balboa Park engagement photos under large tree
coupl with dog at Ocean Beach Brewery chatting
couple at brewery in Ocean Beach looking at each other
engaged couple in front of colorful wall in Point Loma for Balboa Park engagement photos
Balboa Park engagement photos couple and Jimmy Hendrix Ocean Beach wall
couple at Sunset Cliffs with ocean in background
couple looking at each other with ocean in background at Balboa Park engagement photos
close up smily couple looking at each other at Sunset Cliffs

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