Wedding Photo Booth for Adam & Anna Joy

A wedding photo booth is the perfect thing that can pump a wedding party up. Traditionally, weddings are mostly mushy and often too formal. But with the kind of crowd at Adam and Anna’s wedding at Monastery Beach, there was just a whole lot of crazy fun.

The upside here is that some of the guests were past clients I loved working with. Even the bride and the groom have been to an old wedding photo booth I set up before. 

This familiarity with me and my photo booth allowed everyone to just let loose. And the props! Wow, the props were something else. There were unicorn heads and horse heads. There were pirate costumes and a creepy pigeon head. They even had a huge dinosaur toy everyone had fun with.

When the final product was finished, everyone went to my house to view it. With over a thousand images put together, you can imagine how much they enjoyed it. This is actually a record-holder for me, with the vast number of photos in there. 

The funny thing is this. Nobody seemed to remember how much they took part in the photo booth during the actual wedding! Even they were surprised at how much material we ended up having. 

There was also a bit of time when it was just Adam and Anna in the frame. It was awesome! You can feel their connection right through the screen. It was evident how much fun they had in their own wedding.

Once again, I’ve proven that a wedding photo booth is a wedding must-have. It’s a terrific way to get everybody into the wedding pictures. And it doesn’t just come in HD video. You also get individual high resolution photos everyone can keep, something you can send with the thank you cards. Take Adam and Anna’s photo booth as a guarantee.

Adam and Anna’s Carmel wedding is on the blog. Also, their San Diego engagement session in live and ready for you to check out!

couple kissing on wedding photo booth in California
horse masks and drinking beer at wedding photo booth
excited group of friends posing for photo booth
bride and groom at their wedding photo booth posing
couple kissing at photo booth
bride, groom and friends enjoying wedding photo booth
Man holding a dinosaur at wedding photo booth in carmel
couple at funny wedding photo booth picture
man with horse head mask playing with girlfriend at wedding photo booth
man with pigeon mask having fun with friends at wedding photo booth

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