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by | Mar 30, 2017

Amin and Jennifer’s engagement session was an omen that the wedding was going to be even better. We had such a fun time at Bombay Beach and Glamis Desert. Now, it’s time for me to give them my wedding photographer San Diego services. And I couldn’t be more excited.

The wedding was set for a private property in El Cajon, California. It was such an intimate affair. Everything was prepared by the couple and their friends. The amount of heart put into putting this together was evident. It was a hot and sunny August day, but the heat did not deter anyone’s spirit. The place was brimming with excitement.

Jennifer got ready with the help of her closest friends. Everything about the bride’s prep work was fun! The atmosphere was light, and there was no nervousness at all. 

Amin’s preparation was funny, instead of merely fun. Apparently, nobody in the room knew how to fix a bowtie. We spent so much time trying to figure it out. We had to trust Google to give us a quick tutorial. Thankfully, we got it after a few tries.

The ceremony was held at the lower end of the property. The setup was just gorgeous! The arch was homemade and was covered in white drapes. White balloons hovered atop the couples’ heads as they stood on a blue and white carpet. Succulents were all around us, framing the scene beautifully. Topping it all off are the mountains and the other plants in the background. It was an amazing set for my wedding photography San Diego service.

We explored the property further after the ceremony. We did a few amazing shots before going back to the party.

The couples’ grand entrance was amazing. After being welcomed with sparklers, the couple had their first dance on the pool deck. There were candles in the pool. There were also overhead lights strewn around. All this created such a beautiful ambience for the entire party. Ending the night with dancing and partying, I shot even more amazing memories. Nights like these really make my work on this wedding photographer San Diego service worth it.

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