Zach & Giovanna’s Wedding at Scripps Seaside Forum

After their incredible surf engagement session, I couldn’t be more excited for Zach and Giovanna’s Scripps Seaside Forum wedding, at La Jolla Shores. It’s one of my favorite wedding venues, and very fitting for this ocean lovers. 

We started the day at their La Jolla rental house. They got ready separately, in different sides of the property. Zach and his friends were rocking some loud music, and were very excited. Giovanna, on a more relaxed atmosphere, hung out with her best friends.

We arrived at Scripps Seaside Forum close to the wedding time, and I witnessed a beautiful ceremony. With the ocean serving as a background, the couple got married by one of their closest friends. 

In a touching moment, Zach spoke his vows in English, and then in Portuguese. Giovanna, visually emotional, had to dry her tears a few times. The couple was very happy as they left the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we left Scripps Seaside Forum for a few portraits at the beach. La Jolla Shores is one of my favorite beaches to photograph, and right next to Scripps Seaside Forum. The couple really enjoyed some time away from the guests, and we took some amazing pictures. It was time to take Zach and Giovanna back to the wedding. They were ready to party.

Courtney, from Breezy Day Weddings, did an amazing job with the desert table. Aside from the beautiful wedding cake, she created a fusion of  brazilian and american traditional deserts. 

Dinner was served, and the couple took the time to speak with their friends. After a few more formalities, everyone in this Scripps Seaside wedding was ready to dance.

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