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San Diego engagement photography sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and with me, your photographer! In these sessions we are able to capture your uncensored personalities and unguarded glimpses of the love you share for one other. It’s not only a celebration of your engagement, but it’s the chance to document you as a couple in a cozy and relaxed, lighthearted photo session.

The possibilities for engagement sessions can seem endless! I’m delighted to help you find the perfect location to showcase your love. Whether it’s in your favorite place or in a new one. The engagement session is about celebrating the beginning of an exciting new chapter of life. My portraits illustrate that excitement and capture the soulful connection you share with each other.

Every couple interacts differently so I give you the space and flexibility to be yourselves when taking pictures. Allowing you to be genuine, I encourage you to act naturally and try to give direction only when it’s needed. The engagement session helps you reflect on who and where you are in your lives, just before beginning your life journey together. And it’s my honor to document who each of you are together, couple at this moment in time.

During the engagement session, we will explore different angles and locations, and it will help when it comes time for your wedding day. We will work closely, to establish a unique relationship that will make we accomplish the results we envision together. Let’s talk and find the perfect background for your engagement photos. We’ll choose the right time of day to document those precious moments when natural light is just perfect. No matter what time of the year it is!

Some of my wedding packages include San Diego engagement photography sessions, but they can also be purchased separately. Photographs from the session are frequently displayed at weddings, used for save the date cards or kept as a unique memento of a special time and a unique story.

Engagement sessions photographs are available on your personal website. There you can download the high-resolution, digital developed files and easily order prints. If you prefer, you can print them yourselves on your favorite lab.

I’ve created a quick guide to help my clients make the best of their San Diego engagement photography session. Check it out below and feel free to email:, or call: (858) 688-2299 if you have any questions about Engagement Sessions.

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