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After many years shooting family sessions, I decided to create a small guide to serve as reference to the couples I will work with – or anybody interested. I hope those tips help you make the best of your family photography session. Your Family photography session should be fun. Be relaxed.
Below you can find some family photography tips I like to share with my clients:
Family Photography Tip 1: Location

. It’s possibly the most important decision you will make regarding the family photography session. An ideal location could be just beautiful place, or somewhere with a meaning to your family. It could a place you’ve never been before, or a place you are used to.

. More frequent than not, clients have no idea of a location for their family photography session. I am always happy to help with that. Before the family photography session, we’ll chat to find the best possible location for your family.

. Family photography session usually starts in the early afternoon, and end at sunset. The starting time will depend on the time of the year, since sunset times are always changing. That way, we will achieve the best possible lighting in the day. There is always the option to do it in the early morning, if it’s best for your family, but most people prefer the afternoon. Depending on the plan, we can also shoot a bit into the night. Bonfires, and downtown city lights can look really good at night.

. I do not limit the number of locations, and I try to make a plan where we can hit all the planed spots as easy as possible. There is only so much we can do in an afternoon, but I try to be as productive as possible considering we have a lot of control over time and locations. . I understand that every family is different, and in my family photography session, everything is possible! We can pretty much incorporate anything that you desire. Lets chat and find the best location for your family photography session.
Family Photography Tip 2: Activities

. It’s always fun to incorporate your favorite activities to the engagement session. It really helps to make the shoot mere personal and interesting. Sports are also a great idea that can be easily incorporated. You guys enjoy surfing? We can definitely have that on your shoot. From a picnic at the park, to a ride in a vintage car, activities always bring a special touch the the engagement sessions.

Family Photography Tip 3: What to wear
. Wardrobe is also a very important part of the family photography session. It helps to define the style of your family, and and really improves the overall results. Since I do not limit the number of outfits you can exchange, I always encourage clients to take some extra ones, in case they fell like wearing them, or accidents happen. . Since there are so many different styles of families, it’s hard to give you a list of “things to wear”. It should be something that you are comfortable on, and would wear, lets say, to a casual party, or a dinner out. I want your personalities to show. . Even though a lot of people still do it, I don’t recommend that everyone wears the same color outfits. Some coordination is fine, but everyone wearing the exact same thing is not something I think is best. While we don’t want a big mixture of styles, some individuality is usually nice. . Accessories are always welcome! Sunglasses, that big watch you don’t wear much, a nice neckless and earrings; maybe a fun hat. We can always take some photos with the accessories, and some without, in case you don’t like them as much as you thought you would. . Dress like yourself.
Family Photography Tip 4: Hair and makeup
. Some people opt for a natural look, while other brides have a heavier makeup on. Both ways work really well, and the make up is definitely another factor that helps to show your personality. . Bringing some makeup to the shoot is always a good idea. Retouches after a few hours and locations could be necessary.
Family Photography Tip 5: Props
. Props are not a must, but they can look really nice on a family photography session. Specially with children, props can be very productive. Sings with the family’s last name is a common prop on family photography sessions. . Here are a few places I recommend to look for some cool family photography session props: Etsy, World Market, Amazon, and Home Goods.
Family Photography Tip 6: Don’t be afraid to share your vision with me
. Sharing with me what you like will help me create a great collection. What drawn you to my work? Do you enjoy the more posed images? Or the more fun, candid ones? Do you really like those creative, landscape portraits I display on my portfolio? Any information regarding your style will be very helpful.
Family Photography Tip 7: Don’t hold back

. Be yourself! While that might be obvious, it’s not a concept that is very easily applied. Don’t act like you think you should, I want to find the real “you”.

Family Photography Tip 8: Trust me
. It’s my job to direct you, and make your family feel comfortable. While some people need more direction than others, I will definitely help when you are not sure what to do. Portrait sessions are usually a new experience, and I am very used to dealing with first timers. . Trust is a very strong foundation in the relationship between the client and the photographer, and the more you trust me, the more relaxed your family photography session will be. . Enjoy every minute of your family photography session, and use that to get more comfortable in front of the camera.
Thanks for reading my family photography session tips. I truly hope that it assists you to get the best out of your family session photos. Below, you can find some more helpful resources for wedding planning. Knowing that photography is one of the first vendors to be chosen for weddings, I created a guide with some of my favorite wedding venues and wedding vendors to help my clients, or anyone interested, to pick the best of the best for their special day.

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