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A lot of times, clients ask me for help with their wedding time line, or just general wedding photography tips. I am always happy to give some advice with that. Based on my experience, planning to have the right amount of time for each wedding segment helps a great deal with creating the ideal photo collection.

Every wedding is unique and different, but I decided to create a general photography time line to serve as a reference. I will be happy to chat with you about your individual needs, to figure out the very best time line for your wedding pictures.

Your wedding day will go by really quick – like any other fun time. I want to make sure I have time to capture everything you think is important to tell your story.

Below you can find some of wedding photography tips I like to share with my clients:
Wedding Photography Tip 1: Getting ready and details – ideal time: 1 hour

. Brides and grooms usually get ready in hotel rooms, but some prefer a more relaxed environment, and do it at home. Before you choose your hotel, think about your pictures. Hotels have different styles, and you might be able to find one that perfectly fits yours.

. Please try to keep the room organized. I know it can be difficult when many people are getting ready for a wedding at the same place and time, but that does make a difference.

. Allow me some time with your wedding dress, flowers, and shoes. Those shots can help to tell the story, specially in the album.

. Make the rings and the jewelry that you would like photographed available to me. I want to make sure I photograph all the pieces you find important to be photographed. You can also let me know if you don’t find those shots very important, and I will make sure to spend less time on them.

. I will be capturing the make up and hair process, along with candids of everyone involved while they are getting ready for the day. Make sure to have fun, play your favorite song, and enjoy your friends. That’s when the photos look the best.

. If possible, try to have the bride and groom getting ready somewhere close by. That saves time of my commute, and increases the time I will be shooting (unless you have a second shooter).

. The moment when the bride pouts her dress on is one of my favorites. There is a lot of emotions involved, and of course, great photos. Please make sure the people that you would like to help you with that task is available at the selected time. And, give it plenty of time.

Wedding Photography Tip 2: First look | portraits – ideal time: 45 to 60 mins

. That is definitely one of the wedding photography tips I get asked the most from brides and grooms: should we do a first look? I always answer yes. First looks are a fairly new trend in weddings, and it was very welcomed by most photographers. It’s not only a chance for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time, but I for the couple to have an intimate moment, without the eyes of all the guests on them. First looks are likely the time we will create some of your favorite images, many times album covers.

. After the first look, I encourage the couple to allow me to do some portraits. It’s usually less stressful to cut the portrait session in two parts, when possible. Plus, after shooting some pre wedding portraits, you don’t need to spend as much time away from your guests at the cocktail hour.

. Along with the client, I will usually pre-select a location for the first look and portraits that will follow. That will save time on the wedding day.

Wedding Photography Tip 3: Family Portraits or formals – ideal time: 30 mins

. Even though they are usually not the favorite photos the bride and groom will do during the wedding, the formals are a important part of the story.

. Formals can be done before or after the ceremony.

. Prior to the wedding, I will ask the clients for a list of family portraits. That ensures that no one will be left out, and we will not going to spend too much time figuring out who should be in it.

. Try to keep the formals to the immediate family only. We can always take other groups during the reception, or in the photo booth.

. Smaller groups will look better in the pictures. The larger the group is, the harder it is to see each person when the photo is printed small.

Wedding Photography Tip 4: Couple’s photos – ideal time: 1 hour

. That is one of the most important wedding photography tips in this guide. Please take in consideration the lighting, as it’s the most important factor in photography. If we are planning on shooting outdoors, be certain to have that happen late afternoon, close to sunset.

. Each couple has a different need for portraits. Along the years, I have found that while some people want to spend a lot of time with portraits, and explore many locations, others like just a few images. Let me know how important the portraits are for you.

. To save time on the wedding day, I really prefer to scout for possible portrait locations prior to the wedding day. By doing that, we can also ensure we have a car ready in case we want to use a location that is not next to the ceremony, or have tennis shoes in case it is a harder terrain. I want to make sure I take the most out of your venue.
Wedding Photography Tip 5: Reception details – ideal time: 20 mins

. Allow me to enter the reception after it’s set up, and before your guests. There was a lot of hard work involved in creating your wedding, and I want to make sure I document it without people.

Wedding Photography Tip 6: Reception – ideal time: minimum 2 hours

. During the reception I will pretty much go with the flow, and follow all the events scheduled.

. Depending on the venue, we can always escape for a few night portraits. If you think that it’s a good idea, let’s chat about it!

. I don’t usually do the traditional table shots. I think that a more photo-journalistic approach is better in this situation. I will follow you around and document your interaction with your guests. But, if you would like to set up the formal pictures of each table, I will be happy to do so.

Thanks for reading my family photography session tips. I truly hope that it assists you to get the best out of your family session photos.

Thanks for reading my wedding photography tips. I truly hope that it assists you to get the best out of your wedding photos.

Below, you can find some more helpful resources for your wedding planning. Knowing that photography is one of the first vendors to be chosen for weddings, I created a guide with some of my favorite wedding venues and wedding vendors to help my clients, or anyone interested, to pick the best of the best for their special day.

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