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by | May 22, 2018 | Wedding Vendors

Cakes are part of a long list wedding traditions couples follow. It’s not just about having that tasty cake you’ll enjoy taking a bite of. It’s also about making it appealing enough to match the theme of the event. Of course, those looking for the perfect wedding desserts San Diego services are hoping for that perfect balance. Twiggs Bakery and Coffee House is one place that has been proven to deliver that.

Their experience in creating cakes for different occasions is without question. After all, their handmade cakes have been patronized by many since they first opened in 1992. Since then, they have established two locations in San Diego to serve their customers better. One is one Adams Ave. and the other is in University Heights.

Twiggs has been a popular choice for weddings all these years not only because of their wedding cakes. Their cupcakes are quite a hit as well.

There are so many choices! You can get anything from buttercream cakes to fondants, as well as stenciled sponge cakes and chocolate-covered cakes. The choices can be quite confusing, though, knowing that there are a lot. But if you need a place to start, their white velvet and Miss Hazeltine’s chocolate cake are among their most popular.

If you want to get more than just cakes and cupcakes, Twiggs would still be a great option. They have an amazing spread of pastries to choose from, each one as delectable as the next. If you’re still at a loss on what kind of cake you want, that’s okay. Their Facebook page and their blog have actually inspired cake makers and potential clients everywhere. And if their cakes are mouthwatering in those pictures, trust me when I say that they’re even better in person.

Hop on over to any of locations now and experience firsthand how great their wedding desserts San Diego service truly is.

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