Hello, my name is Julio Fonyat.  I’m a wedding photographer in San Diego, California and this is my story…

Originally from Brazil, I come from a family of creative minds and beautiful souls.  My father and grandfather are renowned photographers and architects; and my mother an avid art collector.  As a child I would spend hours looking at their work, dreaming of being a photographer.  When I was 15 years old my mother handed down my father’s cameras to me.  With his Polaroid and 35mm Leicas, I was able to learn the fundamentals of photography and focus on acquiring technical knowledge before I took on the digital world.  Even though most of my equipment today is digital, I still like to shoot 35mm and develop my own film.

In 2002 I moved to San Diego to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer.  Along with my vintage cameras, I brought a deep desire to create something different.  After I started college, I developed a passion for sports and water photography.  From spending hours practicing in the water to attending countless workshops at the renowned Brooks Institute, I worked diligently to gain knowledge and experience.  Cultivating my own unique approach to surf photography, I found success in my passion; seeing my work published in some of the most iconic surf magazines in the world.

While working in the photo department at a surf magazine, I stumbled into an opportunity to shoot wedding photography in San Diego. One of the people I worked with at the magazine was a wedding photographer, and he needed an assistant.  I wanted to learn something new so I gave it shot and it was amazing!  Photographing weddings felt so fluid and natural, and I enjoyed it so immensely, that I quickly started shooting them more and more.  Working with seasoned industry professionals, I eagerly absorbed everything I could about becoming a  Wedding photographer.  Mastering the fundamentals, experimenting with techniques and refining my style until I was ready to start my own business.  In the spring of 2006 I created Fonyat Wedding Photographer and have been fortunate to achieve success doing what I enjoy.  

Unlike photographing sports, where creating the perfect image can depend on many different scenarios, weddings provide extensive opportunities to perfectly capture once-in-a lifetime memories.  My most popular pieces are often my Portraits.  Sometimes intimidating due to their intimacy, taking a more unobtrusive approach while maintaining close attention to detail allows me to connect without compromising comfort.  I’m always humbled to share the moments that last a lifetime

As a wedding photographer, my technique fuses Photo-Journalistic and Modern Portrait types of photography.  Documenting the action without much direction.  Combining organic expressions and natural settings to produce artistic reflections of living moments.  I work to capture the essence of the experience without interrupting it.  Navigating crowds unassumingly, scouting for genuine emotion then interacting just enough to bring it into focus.  

In 2012 I fulfilled a long time dream.  Two of my close friends and I drove from southern California to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I kept a journal on our four-month road trip as we passed thru 14 countries, survived amazing adventures and took some the most inspiring pictures of my life.  My photography has taken me places I thought I would only dream of going.  It’s taught me to observe and learn; to appreciate the beauty of our world’s unique places, all while experiencing different cultures and new languages.  I’m eternally grateful for the love and support of my family and friends, the opportunities my profession provides and the amazing people I work with.

Thank you for visiting my website, reading my story and viewing my art.



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Clients Testimonials 

Most of us hope that our work speaks for itself and often have difficulty with self-promotion, even when it’s simply stating personal facts for our business.  To relieve this stress, I find it helpful to honestly relay what the people I’ve worked have to say.  I’m eternally grateful to do what I love for a living and truly humbled to receive the praise of my clients.  

Photo Booth

A unique photo booth that’s entertaining and interactive for everyone, the open-air design is a perfect fit for your wedding day! It’s a great alternative during the dancing portion of the night that everyone can enjoy; and the high quality photos are lifetime moments of your special day! 

Wedding Galleries

Please enjoy a few of my favorite wedding images from some of the wonderful couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. A combination of all types of locations and settings, these photographs are samples are from weddings in San Diego, as well as Destination weddings in the United States and around the world.

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